Moon Songs (Paris, Francia)


1.- Why dreampop?

Why not ?  I love dreampop music I guess. But this is not the only music gender of
this project. I like to merge styles, not to have only one tag so I mix Bossa Nova beats,
surf, dreampop and synthpop in one. It gives MOON SONGS.

2.- If you are a soloist: How did you start your creative solo process?

I creat music since I’m 10. It started as I bought my first tape recorder in the 90’s. I was obsessed by the process of doing something by myself. It came very naturally to me to write, compose and record some of my work after that. I quickly used to play in bands or as duos, the process of creation was exactly the same.

3.- Where do you frequently create (your) music? In which space (s)? And how do you
invest your (their) times in creation?

My father is a professional musician so I’ve grown
up in a full music atmosphere. Also I have a music studio at my father’s and still using it
to repeat or recording. After COVID stuff I opted to turn my bedroom into a home
studio. It is tiny and messy but very useful to work indoor. The time I devote to music
is variable, it can spreads between 2 and 10 hours a day depending the inspiration.

4.- Do you (s) already have live concerts? What are the most important and where did
they go?

Live concerts were a high parts of my outdoor activities before COVID, yeah.It was sometimes magical, sometimes fun, sometimes exhaustive, sometimes
frustrating. It has only and always been in Paris and its suburb but I keep each of them
as precious moments as Paris is a very special and dynamic place for emerging musics
and arts.

Moon Songs EP 2021 «Tiny Winter Melodies»

5.- What do you think is the ep or hit song of your band and why?
MOON SONGS first EP is out since February 2021. This is so too short to define which
song could become the favorite. But to be honest I’m not fan of hits. Most of the music
I’m listening is unpopular, underground or weird haha ! And I really hope my tracks will
follow the same philosophy  !

6.- What references did you take to create your music?

There are too many but for example Cat Power inspired me a lot with her minimal depressed rock in the 90’s.
Then I felt in love with IDAHO band in 1998 listening to their genius album “Alas”.
Same for garage music and shoegaze. I can’t decide, but to start with basis I grown up
with Norwegian Classical music. Grieg and Sinding parts (Peer Gynt and Rustles of
Spring) I learnt on piano as child, changed my life.

Moon Songs

7.- Any anecdote in a band or soloist’s live performance or show

I once played on a houseboat in Paris. This was a very epic show because the electric
generator was defective. We lost a part of it during the live, (luckily only the lights) but
we had to play in the total blackout haha ! Weird ambiance.
I also used to play in a punk squat when I was younger. I remember that I had to put my piano
over a wall to reach the entrance (a hole back to a disaffected house) It was a terrible

8.- What do you enjoy most of your music?

The Lo-Fi quality ^^

9.- What do you think about the creation of the Dream Dream pop platform? Do you
think (s) that this space is necessary?

Of course it is! We need more devoted places like
this, hold by passionate people. It allows a direct acces to some selected niche / quality
resources, as precious as important! Same for music fanzines / webzines. It is the last
places where we can find very focused and sharp discovery, it leads us to listen to
things we might never have known, especially these days where everything is so easily
drowned into the whole mass and that people are so lazy to dig. Thank you for doing
what you do 

Moon Songs

A message that you want (want) to deliver or free words from the band to the

I want to thank you Dreampop, for this cool and sweet interview. It allowed
me to discover your universe and I’m honored to be a part of this adventure. See you
in the Moon  A bientôt !