Sloe Noon (Kiel, Germany)

«Because dreampop is the perfect soundtrack to a coming of age movie and can make banal every day scenery more meaningful»

Heligoland (París, Francia)

«When I think of dreampop, I imagine layered, textural productions, dreamy female vocals, lots of guitars, and songs you can get lost in»

Scarlett Dream (NYC, San Diego)

«Actually started making music, and then realized it was dream pop. Then, I thought adding the name Dream to my title would be fitting. I love the etherial, chill, psychedelic sound»

Christiane (Santiago, Chile)

«Empecé a desarrollar mi música y hacer mis canciones, y creo que
está todo ahí, es una especie de síntesis»

BOCHO (Talca, Chile)

«El rock en general ha sido por mucho tiempo mi principal
fuente de inspiración, he escuchado mucho rock argentino (…)»
«Al mismo tiempo tengo un amor tremendo por el Folklore»

Beach SCVM (Toulouse, Francia)

«Because we are dreamers and we love pop lol. And we love ! And it’s a pleasure to get an article in Chile, we would love To tour in this country, it looks so beautiful and people so cool.»