Beach SCVM (Toulouse, Francia)

Name of the members and composition: 
Matteo – Guitar / Vocals Maël – DRUMS / backing vocals Lucas – Bass / backing vocals

Band’s hometown: Toulouse, France. 

Discs or ep: 
2018 – Beach Scums – EP2019 – Summer Has Gone – EP2019 – Sun Ride – Single 2019 – Summer Jobs – Single 2020 – Forever Sunday – Single 2021 – Sand Club – EP

1.- Why dreampop?

Matteo : Because we are dreamers and we love pop lol. And we love ! And it’s a pleasure to get an article in Chile, we would love To tour in this country, it looks so beautiful and people so cool. 

2.- How did you meet (if there are several) and if you are a soloist: How did you start your creative solo process?

Matteo: I started this as a solo project. Recorded a couple of songs and put them on Spotify, some people seemed to like them, so i decided to make this band real, like, playing shows and all. So i asked Maël, who was my classmate, if he wanted to join the cruise, and instantly accepted. Then we played as a duo for like a year and a half. We spent fun times playing shows, writing songs. And after creating our little first fanbase, we decided to hire a bass player. And Lucas instantly accepted, he also was one of our schoolmate. 

Lucas: We met in our audivisual school in toulouse. 

3.- Where do you frequently create (your) music? In which space (s)? And how do you invest your (their) times in creation?

Matteo: We spend 100% of our times in our music : writing songs, be active on our social medias, finding collabs, designing merch.. we use to create at our home studio called the « Beach Studio », or when we are not together, i use to write songs, find melodies in my bedroom, while driving my car, while i’m taking a shower aha. 

Lucas: We always create our demos in our studio.


4.- Do you (s) already have live concerts? What are the most important and where did they go?

Matteo: Yeah we have a bunch, the Bikini show was something for us, even if we played it with no crowd (it was a filmed show during lockdown) the Bikini is the dream venue for south of France’s musicians. Playing Le Bikini is a goal here. 

Lucas: Yup, Le Bikini in Toulouse was a great moment, this is the european 2nd best venue in terms of acoustic. 

5.- What do you think is the ep or hit song of your band and why?

Matteo: The hit song of Beach Scvm is Forever Sunday, when we released this song on April 2020, things have moved for us, we signed with Ditto Music, we got our professionnal team, medias spreaded it, and this song opened us doors, and let us put a feet on the french indie music scene. Not only locally. 

Lucas: The hit of our band is definitly Forever Sunday because it’s the first song we wrote together.

Maël: Beach Gods, because even if it is not well know, in live this track kick some asses. 

6.- What references did you take to create your music?

Matteo: Nirvana, for sure, but also new aussie indie bands like Skegss, Dune Rats, Hockey Dad, but also american indie bands like Fidlar, Wavves, Surf Curse, Beach Bunny.

Lucas: My refercences are mostly Mac Demarco, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana … cool stuff like that.

Maël: Dune rats and other Australian bands from the same vibe, Nirvana, and worldwide musical influence from rap to reggae. 


7.- Any anecdote in a band or soloist’s live performance or show

Matteo: One day Lucas just smashed his head 5minutes before the show, he got his head bleeding and this was fun. For our first show after lockdown, this was something. 

Maël: Sole show where we brought the drum with a convertible car, full of things and roll around Toulouse, You can see those footages on our Instagram in the Forever Sunday’s making-of. 

Lucas: We never begin a show without a french tacos.

8.- What do you enjoy most of your music?

Matteo: Beach Scvm is not just a band, it’s three best friends making the music they love, making it by their own, and with they heart and this created our identity, lets do the fuck You want and how you want, in this way music is pure. Beach Scvm is also a family work, my little brother Paolo Firriolo directs all our music video, he films it, he edits it, and we love working the way we want without someone who doesn’t know our universe telling us « uh guys, you shouldn’t do it like this ». 

Lucas: Friends, skateboard and salty water.

Maël: the energy that comes from it, share and happiness. 

9.- What do you think about the creation of the Dream Dream pop platform? Do you think (s) that this space is necessary?

Matteo: It’s a super cool thing, it opens chile and abroad to new small and cool bands. We are super excited to be read by chilian people, because we want to find the largest audiance. This Space is definitly necessary! And You do a good job for bands, and for fans so thanks for this!!!
Maël: I’d like to see more ideas like this one, to promote young artists and spread good music around the world 9bis- keep listening music, and rock on Chile !

10.- A message that you want (want) to deliver or free words from the band to the readers

Matteo: Yew! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @beachscvm, we have our new EP ‘Sand Club’ out on every streaming platforms, so take a listen, share it, and new Music is coming super SOON!!

Lucas: Make music, not war. 


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