Sloe Noon (Kiel, Germany)

Name of the band: Sloe Noon
Year in which it is established: 2020
Name of the members and composition: Anna Olive (vocals/guitar) Dennis Mielke

Band’s hometown: Kiel, Germany
Discs or ep: Embassy Court (EP)

1.- Why dreampop?
Because dreampop is the perfect soundtrack to a coming of age movie and can make
banal every day scenery more meaningful. There’s just something magic about reverb
drenched and distorted guitars…

2.- How did you meet (if there are several) and if you are a soloist: How did you start
your creative solo process?

We actually met at Dennis’ house for the first time in 2015. At the time his band was
regularly doing gigs/parties in his basement and I had met the singer of that band at a
party the night before and he invited me to one. Dennis and I have been a couple for
about 5 years now and only started making music together last year.

3.- Where do you frequently create (your) music? In which space (s)? And how do you
invest your (their) times in creation?

Funnily enough, we actually recorded our debut EP ‘Embassy Court’ by ourselves in
that very same basement we first met, as we returned home during the pandemic. We
don’t have a rehearsal space yet, as we will be moving away soon, but we write and
make demos in our flat or a small studio from our friends nearby. Kiel’s music scene is
small, but people are really supportive 

Sloe Noon

4.- Do you (s) already have live concerts? What are the most important and where did
they go?

Unfortunately, having started in early 2020, we rarely had the chance to play gigs yet.
We have played a small local venue twice during lockdown lift, but everything else had
been cancelled. We did a livestream recently that can be watched on Youtube though.

5.- What do you think is the ep or hit song of your band and why?
Well, measuring by streams our hit song would probably be ‘Planestation’. The first
song we ever did together. It’s about the long-distance relationship we had between
Kiel and Brighton (UK) for over a year. It’s definitely the most ‘pop’ one off the EP. Our
personal favorite is ‘Underwater (I am blue)’, as it taps more into the darker and
heavier side of dreampop.

Anna Olive and Dennis Mielke: SLOE NOON

6.- What references did you take to create your music?
Shoegaze and dreampop bands are our biggest influences. We often hear people pull
references like The Sundays, The Jesus & Mary Chain and Alvvays, which are major
influences of ours alongside DIIV and other genre staples.

7.- Any anecdote in a band or soloist’s live performance or show
Before the livestream started and the countdown went from 5 seconds down, Dennis
pulled a classic Dennis. He was still tuning his guitar and I started signaling wildly with
nervous hand gestures. Luckily none of that made it on tape…


8.- What do you enjoy most of your music?
100% playing live, which ironically, we have done the least of yet. We are really looking
forward to finally getting a live band together and playing proper gigs in 2022… or
hopefully sooner!

9.- What do you think about the creation of the Dream Dream pop platform? Do you
think (s) that this space is necessary?

Absolutely. As long as people make music we need supportive platforms to share it
and celebrate it!

Sloe Noon

10.- A message that you want (want) to deliver or free words from the band to the

If you read all the way to the end: thank you for caring – get in touch !! 
And for creative advice I am probably not suited to give: If you can’t be creative in the
tiniest of rooms, in the dullest of towns the problem lies within, so don’t just shelve it!

Sloe Noon

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