Charlotte Fever (Paris, Francia)

Name of the band: Charlotte Fever

Year in which it is established: 2018

Name of the members and composition:

Alexandre : Singer/guitarist/keyboard/maracas

Cassandra : Singer/keytar/keyboard/Maschine

Band’s hometown: Paris

Discs or ep: (names and quantity)

3 releases so far:
2 titles « Canicule »
EP « Charlotte Fever »
EP « Erotico »

1.- Why dreampop?

Since day one the idea was to create very spontaneous music, meant to make people
travel to extraordinary places. We want them to forget about their daily routine, to forget about France’s gloomy weather and to go on a dreamy trip with our songs.
Dreampop was the answer to all this! Also it is no secret that we are huge fans of Tame Impala and Beach House, so this will come as no surprise that they have a big influence on the way we compose our music!

2.- How did you meet (if there are several) and if you are a soloist: How did you startyour creative solo process?

Charlotte Fever is a story of long lasting friendship. We met ten years ago through a mutual friend and were at some point together in a psychedelic rock band. It soon became obvious that we were more happy working just the two of us than with the whole band, so we started Charlotte Fever. At first it was really just for fun but one song eventually led to another and… here we are three years later with 2 EPs and one album underway!

Charlotte Fever

3.- Where do you frequently create (your) music? In which space (s)? And how do you
invest your (their) times in creation?

We create our music in our homemade studio and we see each other there pretty
much every day! We spend most of our free time making music together. Usually we
just jam together to find new sounds, then start chatting about something one of us
got interested in, which then becomes the theme of a song, etc. We really enjoy these
moments of creation.

4.- Do you (s) already have live concerts? What are the most important and where did
they go?

We are very lucky because we have had many opportunities to play on stage, even
abroad in South Korea and in six Central American countries. One of our favorite
concerts was an informal show in Honduras. We played at a school where we had been
told that the kids were being taught French and that it would be nice for them to
actually meet French artists. Turns out that they had learned many of our songs in
class, so they knew all the lyrics and were singing with us during the entire show! It
was insane, both very intense and emotional
Because of Covid it has been a long while since the last time we played on stage with a
real public, we really miss this. Therefore we are super happy and excited about going
back on stage this summer!

5.- What do you think is the ep or hit song of your band and why?

Tough question, we do cherish all of our songs! Honestly every song has had its
moment. In music, trends change very fast so at some point every single song ends up
being a hit. So if we have to make a decision right here, right now, let’s say that “JTM”
would be a great song to listen to in the beginning of summer 2021!

6.- What references did you take to create your music?

When composing a new song we like to imagine ourselves in an idyllic landscape and
depending on the location we chose, this will influence our whole creation process.
We talk together everyday, we both love watching movies, traveling, going to
exhibitions, etc. All these activities stimulate our creativity.
Lately for instance, we have been really into 80’s Hans Zimmer: the soundtracks of
Rain Man and True Romance have been big sources of inspiration.

7.- Any anecdote in a band or soloist’s live performance or show

Because we are playing electronic music, we are very dependent on our computer
which is used on stage as a sound library for the instruments we play. And one day,
right before the show, our laptop broke.
It was a nice festival and we really did not want to cancel. We had the instrumental
recordings of several songs on our phones, so we took the bold decision to play our songs in karaoke mode. What could have been a disaster turned out to be a very fun
show: we acted the way front men in hip hop music do, doing nothing but singing and
dancing on stage. Hopefully we will never have to do this again, but it was an
interesting experience for us and people really enjoyed this show, which in the end is
all that matters!

8.- What do you enjoy most of your music?

Even if we are just at the beginning of our career with Charlotte Fever, our music has
already been the source of many great memories. We have toured abroad two times
together and met so many fantastic people that are now friends, we really feel blessed
about the opportunities we have been given.

Charlotte Fever is Cassandra and Alexandre

9.- What do you think about the creation of the Dream Dream pop platform? Do you
think (s) that this space is necessary?

Initiatives meant to promote emerging artists are both necessary and very important
in every artistic career. It gives artists the opportunity to share their work with the
world and it is also a way of connecting artists together. Thank you so much for this!

10.- A message that you want (want) to deliver or free words from the band to the

Hi everyone! If you like what you have heard and read, feel free to contact us on social
media: we would love to hear from you 🙂
We hope to meet you all at a future gig and in the meantime, take care!

Charlotte Fever

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